Buying a harness or a coat that doesn’t fit your pooch can be annoying. 

“How to size my dog”. It’s one of our customers' most common doubts when choosing a garment. Because every dog is unique in size, the type of clothing will fit a bit differently. 
Sizing your dog properly is the key and doesn’t need to be a struggle.

Here we show you a quick guide that will help you measure your furbaby for clothing, harnesses, collars and anything else.

Let’s start with the magic…


  • To measure your pooch, it is best to use a body measuring tape and choose a calm environment that keeps your furbaby relaxed.
  • Most of the time your dog must be standing when you measure him/her. If your doggy tends to be sitting or laying down, get some treats or a helping hand to keep your dog standing.
  • Another useful tip is to take the measurements a couple of times to ensure you take the correct ones. We know some puppies don’t stand still!
  • Commonly, Pet Stores have a sizing chart to help you compare the size of the outfit and depending on the country they have it in centimetres or inches. Take both measurements, just in case.
  • Always consider your dog’s mobility. Your goal is to make your dog comfortable wearing clothing or walking accessories.



The most important measurements you’ll need to take are back length, chest strap, girth and neck, depending on which product you want to purchase. 

We section each type of product with the corresponding reference measurements.



  1. BACK. Bring the measuring tape from the base of their neck to the base of the tail and record the measurements. Make sure your dog is standing up.
  2. NECK. Measure the contour of your dog’s neck. Bring the measuring tape around the middle of the neck and record the size.The tape should be a bit snug but not tight.
  3. CHEST STRAP. Wrap measuring tape across the chest, just below the neck and above the breast bone to approximately 1 inch behind the front legs.
  4. GIRTH. For this, the dog needs to be standing. Wrap the tape around the deepest part of the dog’s rib cage behind the front legs.


Consider knowing your pooch's weight for future reference and try to re-measure your pooch once in a while, especially if he or she hasn’t been fully grown yet.

It could happen that your pup falls between two sizes of a product, however, we recommend going for the large size. It would be easy to fix it and avoid discomfort.

Always choose the style that fits your pup’s daily activities.

Puccissimé One-click harness is an inspiration based on Norwegian dog harnesses which originally were designed for active dogs trained for pulling sleds, jogging and cycling. To better fit this type of harness, we will need ‘girth’ and ‘chest strap” measurements.



In this video, our owners, Ahoo and Raisin show you how to take the correct measurements and get the right size for your furbaby.


Using these tricks and measurement tips, it should be really simple to find the right size, save time, and waste less money buying items that don’t work for your pup.  

Keep your fur-baby comfortable and safe while wearing stylish accessories.


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