How to measure your dog for Puccissimé products!


To make sure that you will not be stuck with a product either too large or too small, measure your dog adequately before making any purchases. Here’s how:

Puccissime product measurements

  1. Grab your tools:
  • Your pup’s brush
  • A tape measure (you can use a leash and a ruler instead)
  • A pen
  • A notepad




  1. Brush down the fur

This will make the measurement more accurate.

  1. Measure their neck 

While the dog is standing, bring the measuring tape around the middle of the neck and measure.

The tape should be a bit snug but not tight.

Now you’ve got their measurements for the collar.

  1. Measure chest strap (As shown in the image above)

Wrap measuring tape across chest, just below the neck and above the breastbone to approximately 1 inch behind the front legs.            

  1. Measure girth (As shown in the image above)

Wrap measuring tape around the deepest part of the dog's rib cage just behind the front legs.

  1. Measure their back

Bring the measure tape from the base of their neck to the base of the tail. Then add 2 inches to that number. 

There you go.

Now that you have your pup’s standard measurement, you’d always find the right fit.

Happy shopping. :)