Easy steps to put Puccissimé products on your dog.

One-Click harness (0:43-1:13)

1- Start with the harness loose. Slide your dog's head through the dog harness neck piece and arrange the bottom straps between the dog's two front legs, under the belly.

 2- Bring the buckles up behind the dog's front legs, around the belly of the dog. Snap the buckles together into the back piece. Adjust the straps to fit properly.

 Chest harness (0:00-0:42)

  • Open both ends of the harness. Make sure you are holding the harness in the right position.
  • Release and move the adjustment buckle on the back of the harness
  • Then Slide your dog's head through the harness
  • Bring out the front legs one at a time through the right and left loops
  • And finally adjust the buckle to fit.

Bow tie and flower accessories (1:20-2:29)

On the back of your bow tie, there are two small elastic bands and on the back of the flower, there is one.

Simply slide the collar through the elastic bands and adjust as you please. And that’s it.