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Our award-winning Norwegian style One-Click luxury dog harnesses are the best walking solution for small to medium sized dog breeds.

  • no-pull (D-ring feature in the chest strap)
  • no-choke (Chest strap sits on the chest as apposed to the neck)
  • no-mat (Soft cushion foam layer)
  • very easy to wear....only one click. (no loop, no step-in, no belt buckle)
  • Designed, sourced and made in Canada
  • Right fit and size is guaranteed. (We customize our harnesses to your pup's size)
  • Designed to be ultra-soft, light and eco-friendly with 2 layers of breathable mesh fabric for extra comfort
  • Fully adjustable girth strap
  • It helps dogs with breathing problems, collapsing trachea and bad backs. 

Available in XXS, XS, S, M and L sizes.

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