What happens if you don’t take your dog for a walk?

When we talk about the welfare of our dog, it often involves comfort and safety but how important is going for a walk daily?
Sharing quality time with your dog, as well as exercising is extremely important for his/her proper development and well-being. Unfortunately, the consequences of not walking a dog have a great negative impact on their health and character. Let us explain it a little deeper.


Is it necessary to walk the dog?

First of all, the routine of walking a dog is necessary. Dogs are not self-sufficient creatures, and they need you to live a happy life. They like moving and exploring their surroundings, so If you don’t take your dog for a walk regularly, here are some things that can happen;

Being overweight and having health problems

Exercise is necessary for dog bodies and minds. If your doggie doesn’t go for a walk regularly, they will start feeling anxious and eating more than she/he should. Taking at least one walk a day reduces stress, obesity and long-term health problems such as diabetes, muscle weakness and joint pains.

Behaviour problems

This is probably the most common consequence that we can see in the short-term Dogs easily get bored and they may get into destructive behaviours such as excessive chewing, digging, or causing a mess in the house just to entertain themselves. 

This energy has to direct into productive activity, exploring the neighbourhood keeps your furbaby’s mind active and content.

Also, when your dog starts barking for no reason, it could be either to attract your attention and try to tell you that something is bothering him/her, or in more serious cases, due to compulsive behaviour.

As we have seen, a dog that does not walk can develop an irritable character, which can lead to performing aggressive behaviours such as growling when you approach his bowl of food, toys, etc. Unfortunately, these kinds of long-term behaviours can become entrenched. Insecurity with other dogs and other people could be a result of not taking out your pooch as well. 



The Benefits of Walking Your Dog

As we see, walking the dog is essential to keeping your doggie’s mind active and the sofa unchewed but taking a stroll with your pooch provides many other benefits…

  • Exercise: Dogs need daily walking to stay fit, and so do we. That makes your furriend the perfect exercise partner. They are always available and willing to accompany you on a walk.

  • Stimulation: The dog needs to explore its environment through its senses, which provides the mental stimulation that keeps your doggie active, whether through smell, sight, hearing, touch or taste. 

  • Knowledge: When you go for a walk, your fur-baby faces different situations and learns about them. We have to guide them, sometimes stop them or reward them but it’s great mental stimulation for your dog around the world.

  • Socialization: Meeting other people and pets, gives your pooch the opportunity to learn how to relate properly to other individuals and obtain a confident character towards strangers.

  • Bonding with your dog: Going for a walk is so important to generate a harmonious relationship. Basic obedience and a lot of communication are essential to forging a strong relationship. and also, your doggie associates you with a most pleasant activity.

Sometimes we could be really exhausted, the weather doesn’t look too nice to go outside, or simply our mood is not giving. However, our furriends need us, we love seeing them happy and healthy. Their necessities became our responsibilities and walkies should be a fun habit.

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Next time you go for a walk, let us know, how it went. 
Happy pooch, happy you.

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