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- Do you struggle putting on a harness on your pooch?

- Does your dog's current harness make him choke?

- Does your pooch have breathing problems? 

- Does your dog often rub her eyes against your legs or furniture ?

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, you need to consider changing your dogs harness. 

 Unfortunately most of common harnesses available at the pet stores are not the best options to use on your precious pup.  Not only they are complicated and time-consuming to put on, they also may create rubbing and chafing in short-haired dogs. In regular harnesses, the front strap sits very close to the dog's neck and results in choking. 

Our unique one-click harness design is an inspiration based on a Norwegian dog harness which originally was designed for active dogs trained for pulling sleds, jogging and cycling. They distribute the pull of the leash across the dog's torso more effectively than a conventional collar.They also prevent chafing while being active. The one-click buckle hassle-free style makes it very easy for you to put on the harness on your dog. Not only they are practical, they also follow the latest fashion trend enabling your pooch to be comfortable while looking stunning. 

Popular collars available in the market can increase or maintain health problems like headache, pressure on the eyes and breathing problems; especially with smaller dogs. Our special handmade harnesses ease the sensitive areas such as the spine, neck and head of your dog and prevent unnecessary pulling.You can ensure that your pooch will be comfortable in this design, with no tight fitting fabric around their neck. Our harnesses are adjustable around the chest.


Available in XS/S, M and Large sizes.




Dog weight


0.6’’ (1.5cm)

12-15’’ (30-38cm)

1.8-3 kg


0.6’’ (1.5cm)

15-18’’ (38-45cm)

3- 5.5 kg


0.6’’ (1.5cm)

18-21.5’’ (45-55cm)

5.5 – 10.5 kg

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