The Importance of a Well-Fitting Dog Harness

If your dog spends their entire walk pulling and choking against their collar or harness, you might be using the wrong walking accessories.

Selecting a well-fitting harness not only makes the walk more enjoyable, but it also prevents suffering from related breathing problems. If you want to discover the importance of choosing the right harness for your pup, keep reading this quick guide. 

Problems that a wrong harness can cause

An incorrectly fit harness can do a lot of damage both physically and behaviorally. 

There are dogs with matted fur or skin rubbed that is caused by a poorly fitting harness and/or bad use of the leash that leads to injuries due to abnormal pressures.

Choosing the right size is another point to consider. A tight harness cam make doggies feel uncomfortable during the walks or even worse, they can’t run or move at all. If they continue wearing it, the consequences could develop breathing problems.

Additionally, their behaviour could change and they could associate walking with "doing it by force" rather than "for fun".

If the harness is oversized, your pooch can easily slip out and you will lose control of him/her.

Pulling on the leash could be seen inoffensive but some dogs can be injured by heavy pressure on their throat, especially if they are wearing collars. If the dog is pulling towards another dog, or anything else in the environment and tighten the collar or harness, it will cause pain and there is a risk that the dog will associate the pain with what he is going towards. This can contribute to fear or aggression towards strangers, other dogs, or the environment.


Benefits of a Well-Fitting Dog Harness 

Having a comfortable harness for your doggy, makes them feel happy and can lead to better behaviour.

Reduce pulling. Using a no-pull harness helps to teach your pup how to walk without pulling on the leash. It’s necessary that the harness has a quality front D-ring. Attaching the leash to the front ring will remove unnecessary pressure from the dog's neck, and safely minimizes their ability to pull, while you work on loose-leash walking training. 

Reduce the risk of neck injuries. A harness distributes the pressure across a larger, less delicate area of the dog’s body.

Discomfort for dogs with respiratory issues. A correct harness prevents high-impact jolts to the neck and creates relief for dogs with tracheal collapse.

Support dogs with limited mobility. Especially for dogs recovering from injury or surgery, a comfy harness for walkies should be necessary. Also, old dogs that get tired easily are especially important to avoid pressure on their neck and back.

Better connection and better control of your dog


Choosing the right harness is crucial when it comes to dogs as we mentioned above.

Puccissimé One-Click harness is designed with the health of a dog in mind. 

Few dogs absolutely refuse to put on a harness after being forced into one several times. Especially for dogs that are already very nervous. Puccissimé brings an easy-to-put-on light-weight design, with one cushioned chest strap and one strap around the girth, making it very easy to wear.

See how easy it is to put on a Puccissimé one-click harness here.

Dogs with long hair are prone to matting and friction around the neck or chest  Therefore less material used in a harness is equal to less friction and then less matting. One-click harnesses not only prevent your dog's fur from matting, they provide numerous benefits for smaller dogs with respiratory problems. 

Also, our harness is no-pull and no-choke. It has been designed to allow proper movement through the shoulder. It comes with a front and back D-rings for attaching the leash. The front strap sits on the chest further from the neck which never results in choking. 

If your dog has a narrow-head or special body type and you’re having trouble finding the right harness, we got you. We know some dogs have different shapes and sizes. At Puccissimé we customize your harness to fit your pooch perfectly. Don't hesitate to reach us and we’ll make the exact size harness for your furbaby.

If you are interested and want to know more about measuring your dog, visit here.

As you are well aware, prevention is the most important key. If you already see some health problems, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible and don't discard the importance of a well-fitting harness.


Need a new NO PULL, NO MAT, NO CHOKE harness? 

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